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The JENT Equine Massager was designed by professionals for professionals. It is a powerful machine designed for ease of use and is capable of a wide variety of tasks ranging from relaxation massage through to specific deep work. Rapid and rhythmic penetration relaxes the superficial muscles and releases chronic tension in the deeper muscles. The vibrationary effect contracts and dilates tissue improving blood and lymph circulation. It strengthens muscles and induces muscle tone by stimulating the nervous system without agitation for maximum muscle performance.
Equine therapists will find the JENT Equine Massager powerful yet light and quiet. It is a useful and effective tool to compliment bodywork sessions for quicker and longer lasting results. Use the massager to prepare a horse for localised hand work specific to the individual's issues. Introduce horses to the rubberised flat head first on the belly of each muscle. Confident horses may prefer deeper work with the dimpled head and the small head is for specific work and to stimulate acupoints.
Horse owners can ease a horse's tired or tense muscles by introducing the massager slowly and progressively. Regular massage over time may have a profound influence on keeping horses loose and strong. If muscular tension does not improve after 5 or 6 different sessions seek professional advice. The massager is a very capable appliance but still only a tool. For professional quality results, be guided by an equine health care professional. Symptomatic pain and tension is not always the source of the issue. Musculoskeletal conditions can be complex, that is, muscle tension and soreness may be only part of the problem. When a horse displays soreness in the neck, back or hamstring muscles it may be due to strain or injury at the site, or it may be in compensation for injury to another part of the body. Any dysfunction in one part of the body has an effect on others.
Detailed Operating Instructions are in the box and include how to introduce the massager to each horse. Horses like anything that makes them feel better. They display this by relaxing and standing very still while enjoying the effects. If the massager is placed on an uncomfortable area the horse will move away. If a muscle hardens with tension or the horse raises its head and starts to move, immediately take the massager off to avoid resentment. Keep your other hand on the horse to assist you to anticipate any movement. As horses become confident by learning the soothing effects of the massager they will move their body back or forward to direct you to preferred areas of concern and even push back into the massager with enjoyments.
Beneficial advantages of massage:
Lessen anxiety
Relax and soften injured, tired, and overused muscles
Assist recovery from strenuous workouts by reducing fatigue and stimulating repair
Strengthen and stretch weak, tight, or atrophied muscles
Release endorphins, the body's most potent natural analgesics alleviating muscular pain
Pump oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs
Increase joint flexibility and range of motion
Reduce scar tissue, adhesions and swelling
Improve circulation
Enhance immunity by stimulating lymph flow,the body's natural defence system
Stimulate greater athletic energy and improve performance
Improve concentration
240volt - (Not suitable for the USA or Canada).
12 month guarantee.
  • Model: JENT-MASS

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